The Union of Ontario Indians `Giving at Work` Program

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The Union of Ontario Indians employees have, for years, demonstrated generous spirit in doing all they can for the citizens and communities they work for.

The Union of Ontario Indians offers its employees the option to partake in the ‘Union of Ontario Indians “Giving at Work” Program’ which is an employee contribution initiative. 
Employees who participate in the program agree to have a self-determined dollar amount deducted from every paycheck.  That ‘deduction’ becomes a ‘contribution’ toward the Union of Ontario Indians “Giving at Work” Program. And that in turn, is a ‘contribution’ toward the betterment of the Anishinabek Nation citizens.
Employee contributions total over $80,000.00 since the program's inception.

Contributions through such a program speak to the ‘hearts’ and ‘commitment’ of the employees of the Union of Ontario Indians.

Union of Ontario Indians staff recognize that there is a need to give beyond their daily activities and that Anishinabek Nation citizens are sometimes in need of a helping hand with the unexpected challenges life presents.  Efforts to raise funds for so many causes sometimes creates challenges for people to give locally, but I am proud to acknowledge the staff of the UOI for recognizing this need and being so generous in supporting the “Giving at Work Program”.  This commitment reflects the commitment of the staff to supporting the needs of the communities that we proudly work in behalf of. Miigwetch to all staff.”   Allan Dokis, Chief Operating Officer, Union of Ontario Indians


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