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A major component of fundraising for the Anishinabek Nation 7th Generation Charity is through corporate partnerships and support of various events and initiatives.

We would like to sincerely thank the following for their generous partnership and support:






The AN7GC has built and maintained close relationships with all its corporate sponsors and supporters and without their continued genuine interest and generosity, we would not be able to achieve our vision and mission for our communities and citizens we are able to help. The AN7GC sincerely thanks all sponsors and supporters and we look forward to continuing to partner with all in our upcoming fundraising initiatives.

And with that in mind, the AN7GC is always looking for new opportunities to meet and partner with new sponsors and supporters.

We have developed a package of information that outlines details about the AN7GC, what being a sponsor or supporter of the AN7GC means and what the benefits are. 

If you would like more information on becoming a Sponsor of one of our events or a Supporter of the AN7GC, please contact Jason Restoule, AN7GC Manager at (705) 497-9127 or 1-877-702-5200.



For additional information about AN7GC Sponsors & Supporters or any information regarding the content of this page, please contact:

Restoule, Jason


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